Music Video Soundtrack

Bio – Czar

Even Bella can’t seem to keep Czar in his cage.

Although.. she has the best chance.  He was making music

of a more intense nature when Bella tamed him.  His weapon

of choice was the guitar.  Once she exposed him to the

melodies dancing in his head, they have been inseparable.

Once Czar starts building a song, Bella waits.  When it’s done

she approaches with caution, then gets a tad wild herself.

But we like to think Czar would go back to savage music if

Bella didn’t keep stars in his eyes and help make songs that will

keep them both fulfilled musically and even almost spiritually.

Czar is going to stick around… as long as Bella does anyway.

Czar Dain Bella Czar Musician/Producer

Czar Dain


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